Finding out about me

So lately I have been wondering what I like, not what everyone else likes. What me, myself & I would wear, have in my home. So am getting a list going. I guess it fills my otherwise worryhead with positive thoughts. Here goes:
• Long walks especially through parks
• Shoulder length hair
• Patterned satchel bags
• Jeans and t-shirts
• Long showers
• Converse trainers or even just in the style...I'm not a label snob
• Socks
• A freshly mowed lawn
• Homecooked dinners
• Room temperature drinks
• Silly comedy
• Harry Potter books and films

• Charity shops
• Wool and haberdashery shops

Of course there it lends itself to the inevitable list of things I don't like:
• Wearing black

• Actually black in general as a wearable colour, it looks so draining 
• Shoulder bags, they never stay on your shoulder
• Long hair, all I do is tie mine up
• Ice cold drinks, they just make me thirstier and don't fill me up right away so I often drink more than get that belly-full-of-water feeling.

Of course as time goes on I will find more and so on...

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