About Me

I grew up in the South east. I like to be outside most days.
I enjoy music, reading, walking & watching soaps and movies on my beautiful television.
I like to be creative and in my quest to be-so have unfinished projects stowed away in boxes, awaiting completion and usage all over my home. 
Currently I am a 'stay-at-home' mother, who is trying to have it all.
I love 1950's style fashion, I think it is the most flattering for a woman, I however live in t-shirts and comfy pants (jeans), but more on that later.
I drive my husband mad with my love of accessories, both fashion and home ware.
I love make-up, shoes and bags. I think an outfit is never an outfit with the right mix of these. A t-shirt and Jeans can be transformed into a fab outifit with the right accessories.
I am a dreamer who hopes to one day live in a largish house a walk away from the coast with a garden for the dog I plan to have.
I currently reside in North Tyneside, finding the Northern attitude to life sometimes hard to grasp, but otherwise loving the bargain shops and learning the native dialogue.