Tuesday, 10 March 2015

eviction notice

So here it is:

We are in receipt of the section 21, needed to evict us from the house we have been renting for the past 4 1/2 years.
I am not upset in the slightest, the past 4 years have been fraught with frustration and sadness thanks to the overzealous management of our tenancy agency and the lack of empathy from the landlord who has wanted to be rid of the property whether we are part of the package or not.
As it is they succeeded in selling this house to someone who we know (!) and wants a vacant possession of the house, so hence the need for a section 21.

Do not feel sorry for us, this is something we have wanted for the past 4 years. It's our children I feel most for. Our youngest J was conceived when we thought we would be here for as long as we wanted, as it was I was just under 5 weeks pregnant when we got the first whiff that they would try to sell this house with or without us. K has only really known this house and feels an emotional attachment to it being her first home. So I want to make this move as swiftly as possible.

Therein lies the problem.
We have had to turn to the council, as though we have been expecting this, we haven't been able to make provisions to ensure we could put a deposit on a new home if this occurred. Maybe part of us didn't want to as we have had nothing but bother from renting privately, being that we have had to rely on others to repair and maintain our homes, rather than being able to do ourselves. We waited for 2 months for our oven to be fixed and 3 years to have the hinges fixed on the same oven as it didn't stay shut and bounced back so heat escaped whilst cooking. Not mind settling whilst cooking for 2 little ones, let alone us adults. And so we are now at the mercy of waiting for a letter to inform us of our priority and be able to bid on properties available.

Tomorrow we are 28 days from being made homeless and classed as 'threatened with homelessness' according to Shelter and so we will be heading into our local council office to check where our application is, as we were also told it takes up to 4 weeks to process applications and though a day early, we put our application in on the 12th February which was 4 weeks ago (Thursday). That said, Shelter also says most councils process applications in 33 working days. If that's our councils policy, that takes us to 31st March. Since we have till 7th April, that is cutting it VERY fine.
I'm hoping they don't bat us off again with another week, I may have to just haunt them, J is at nursery in the afternoons so I have a few hours to spare. I just want to know that yep they will rehouse us, but we will have to wait till...and then I can relax.

I have packed 1 1/2 boxes as I don't know where to start. I mean we're going, it's just we don't know where.

I guess tomorrow may, or may not have some answers.

Signing off for now

Ruth x