Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blogtober // Instagram Roundup

Not sure what I want to put on here.
I mostly use Instagram to view other pics for inspiration for crafts and meal ideas. I love interior design as well, not that I am allowed to express my ideas due to landlord imposed restrictions. I am so ready to move!

Anyway so at the moment my pictures have consisted of Slimming World meals I have created or recent buys of make-up etc. Another thing I like to do - watch reviews of make-up or readup on them so I know I'm spending my money wisely on a product that I am going to get the use out of.

So here are some screenshots of my recent pictures I have posted over the past 2 months:

My username is @ruths_joy so if you're not following me, why not give us a follow.
The people I usually follow are fellow crafters - knitters, crocheters and furniture painters. I love painting furniture, turning into something else, especially if like my coffee table, they are pretty battered and in need of some TLC.

I have a few real-life friends on there, but they don't post similar or as frequent as I do and always comment on my pictures and that they didn't know I craft etc. I don't try boast about it, I more post it on Instagram to remind myself to craft more.
I follow a few make-up artists or fellow cosmetic lovers, like I said I like to spend money on quality products that I know I am going to use and love.

I mainly use my Samsung S4 phone as the camera of choice. I would love a pro camera. Hubby has a Sony Xpedia Z2 and the camera on that is Ah. Ma. Zing! So crisp and I love the features, so I would love to get that type of camera but as a standalone. I love taking pictures, I'm just not very good at printing them off! And my phone needs clearing of pictures as I have 8gb of memory and half of that is pictures and videos which I should move to the pc and free up the space on my phone.

So that is my Instagram round up.

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