Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Blogtober 2014 // Introduction

I'm still here, sorry for the silence. I find it difficult to get time to unto the computer to blog and had decided to use my tablet, alas the keyboard onscreen does my head in and I much prefer to type away on a keyboard so, my birthday is tomorrow!!! And hubby has ordered me a keyboard to help, but fingers crossed I'll be getting a laptop for Christmas which will help blogging furthermore. I'm excited for that, I may be patient enough to wait for the January sales so we can get a good deal. Any laptop recommendations, let me in the comments?

Anyway, I am an avid Instagram fan. I try post one picture everyday but I'm more into browsing, liking and commenting on my online friends pictures. Yesterday as I was browsing through, one of the people I follow and who also has a blog Natty Nikki (check out has come up with a list of blog themes in order to blog everyday for October.
Here's the list in it's original form:

original source and creator
I'm excited for this, I feel like this is going to get me into planning my blog more, I'm already thinking about November and doing Blogmas! I have a lot of note books, it's time I put them to use and plan things, I feel better when I plan and know more or less what is happening.

So expect more blogs, going to set up a schedule so I don't need to remember to post them, cos I'm cool like that. Haha. I will probably try post every day to cover the themes but I'll plan more for November regarding everyday life. I've recently rejoined Slimming World and will do food posts and weigh-in posts (weighing in tonight) if that's what you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments.

Look forward to talking soon,

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