Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blogtober // Post your favourite recipe

So following the Slimming World plan, I have been making a lot of meals from scratch. One of my favourite for taste is the Diet Cola Chicken. OMG it was amazing. I tweaked the recipe and added chinese five spice from Schwartz. I had tagliatelle with mine but obviously it has a curry like consistency which you could have a jacket potatoe, rice, pasta, chips, wedges, the list goes on. I've linked the recipe from the Slimming World site above. Even if you don't follow the plan, try this recipe. It's lush.

When following the recipe, use a large frying pan or wok and don't freak out about the amount of the liquid, I did but once it's on high, it boils down to the lovely sticky sauce, and it was delicious. I only had green peppers in so I'm keen to try again with red and yellow peppers and maybe leave out the spices so I can taste it as it is written.

I will update you when I've made this again with added peppers and without the spices.

I'm loving this plan at the moment. I hope the momemtum keeps me going.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blogtober // Instagram Roundup

Not sure what I want to put on here.
I mostly use Instagram to view other pics for inspiration for crafts and meal ideas. I love interior design as well, not that I am allowed to express my ideas due to landlord imposed restrictions. I am so ready to move!

Anyway so at the moment my pictures have consisted of Slimming World meals I have created or recent buys of make-up etc. Another thing I like to do - watch reviews of make-up or readup on them so I know I'm spending my money wisely on a product that I am going to get the use out of.

So here are some screenshots of my recent pictures I have posted over the past 2 months:

My username is @ruths_joy so if you're not following me, why not give us a follow.
The people I usually follow are fellow crafters - knitters, crocheters and furniture painters. I love painting furniture, turning into something else, especially if like my coffee table, they are pretty battered and in need of some TLC.

I have a few real-life friends on there, but they don't post similar or as frequent as I do and always comment on my pictures and that they didn't know I craft etc. I don't try boast about it, I more post it on Instagram to remind myself to craft more.
I follow a few make-up artists or fellow cosmetic lovers, like I said I like to spend money on quality products that I know I am going to use and love.

I mainly use my Samsung S4 phone as the camera of choice. I would love a pro camera. Hubby has a Sony Xpedia Z2 and the camera on that is Ah. Ma. Zing! So crisp and I love the features, so I would love to get that type of camera but as a standalone. I love taking pictures, I'm just not very good at printing them off! And my phone needs clearing of pictures as I have 8gb of memory and half of that is pictures and videos which I should move to the pc and free up the space on my phone.

So that is my Instagram round up.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Slimming World week 2 weigh-in update

So weigh-in was last night and I lost 1lb. I was expecting to stay the same it was a surprise, a bittersweet surprise. Bittersweet because I found out I could've done the Success Express program and helped my weightloss further.
So with it today being my birthday I decided that I would just eat what I wanted then tomorrow - the 2nd, I will do the Success Express for the rest of the week. I think I understand the principles of it. I need to print off the diary sheet for it so I can keep track of it. I'm hoping to lose another 3lb - optimistic but I really want my 1/2 stone award!

Thanks for reading,

Blogtober 2014 // Introduction

I'm still here, sorry for the silence. I find it difficult to get time to unto the computer to blog and had decided to use my tablet, alas the keyboard onscreen does my head in and I much prefer to type away on a keyboard so, my birthday is tomorrow!!! And hubby has ordered me a keyboard to help, but fingers crossed I'll be getting a laptop for Christmas which will help blogging furthermore. I'm excited for that, I may be patient enough to wait for the January sales so we can get a good deal. Any laptop recommendations, let me in the comments?

Anyway, I am an avid Instagram fan. I try post one picture everyday but I'm more into browsing, liking and commenting on my online friends pictures. Yesterday as I was browsing through, one of the people I follow and who also has a blog Natty Nikki (check out has come up with a list of blog themes in order to blog everyday for October.
Here's the list in it's original form:

original source and creator
I'm excited for this, I feel like this is going to get me into planning my blog more, I'm already thinking about November and doing Blogmas! I have a lot of note books, it's time I put them to use and plan things, I feel better when I plan and know more or less what is happening.

So expect more blogs, going to set up a schedule so I don't need to remember to post them, cos I'm cool like that. Haha. I will probably try post every day to cover the themes but I'll plan more for November regarding everyday life. I've recently rejoined Slimming World and will do food posts and weigh-in posts (weighing in tonight) if that's what you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments.

Look forward to talking soon,