Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Slimming World week 2 weigh-in

So i rejoined Slimming World 3 Tuesdays ago after a 4 1/2 year hiatus.
I originally joined in June 2010, 3 months after my wedding (I didn't want to lose weight) and when K was 10 months old. What pushed me to go then and again now was health, in fact I have my old book and I was lighter than I was when I started, OK only by 3lb but I was heading in the wrong direction.
In five months, I lost nearly 3 stone or 41lbs. I had 2 weeks when I stayed the same and 4 where I put on, those 4 happening in the weeks leading to my exit out of the meetings and trying to do it at home.
I did lose 2 1/2 stone last year with the help of the My Fitness Pal app but I guess I again went off track.

So what's different this time?

Well I am turning 30 and this is significant for me. I have spent my entire adult life being overweight and I'm starting to notice my knees and ankle aching more and more. I need to be more active, eat healthier - I am a throw it in the oven kind of cook for quickness but I do prefer made from scratch meals as they do taste better and fill you up longer. That's what I love about Slimming World, they encourage you to make meals, snacks etc from scratch using leaner meats, vegetables and less or no sugar/sweeteners. I'm trying to steer clear of adding sweetener but I am having Muller yogurts and drink sugar free squash daily so not avoiding it 100%.

Interim goal

So I have decided to set an interim goal at losing 4 st 3lbs which will take me to exactly 16st. I was around this weight wehen I met my husband and I have a suitcase full of clothes that fit me at this weight. I'm more doing this for the clothes size rather than the weight and at this weight I am around a UK size 20. I like this size, it will mean I can buy tops in 22/24 that will be baggier as I do like the baggier look. Being a size 24/26 in clothes means you have to buy massive clothes which I cannot find usually and if I do they can be quite expensive and not always stylish, again I am just about to turn 30 and still want to look stylish as a mum of two.

Which plan?

Extra Easy. No question. I did follow another weight loss group plan ten years ago and I felt like I was starving as EVERYTHING had a value and you got so many values to have a day and had to spend them wisely. It was horrible, I weighed 16 1/2 st then and lost 3st and looked amazing but for personal reasons, I had to leave and to be honest as soon as I left I went back to my old eating habits and put the weight back on. Over time and babies, I have put on the additional weight and there it is where I am now. I find Extra Easy exactly that, easy to stick too, I don't mind seeking out free or low syn foods so but I am looking forward to trying out some more recipes and finding more free or low syn snacks to help me fill up.

First week weigh-in

So I lost 3lbs during my first weigh-in and, to be honest I was disappointed, obviously a loss is always good, but I'm used to losing 5lbs in the first week and 3lbs is an average weekly weightloss. So we'll see what happens at the weigh-in tonight. I did eat a lot of pasta the day before [side note - does anyone else crave carbs whilst ovulating?], so maybe that affected it, and water weight from ovulating. I'm making excuses.

What do I expect from 2nd week weigh-in

I am terrified for this week. We had pizza last Tuesday and as I felt a bit fluie, I decided to have 1/2 garlic bread and 1/2 12" inch pizza that night, as well as the other half Wednesday. I didn't eat much that day but hardly anything Thursday, Friday then appetite returned Saturday and have eaten on plan the rest of the week. I have had medicines but haven't had synned them but to be honest, yesterday was the first day I used all 15 syns since Wednesday. I am typing this up now at midday so I can update you with my reaction to the weigh-in later.

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