Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I wanted to share my experience of going from long(ish) hair to short in a haircut:

So I had my hair cut into a short style better known as the pixie cut.

I gave the cut much thought as I had been wanting short hair since the Jbabe was born as I didn't have the time nor patience to deal with my hair.
To be honest, I've never felt right with long hair for as far back as I can remember. I definitely don't think my hair defines me or did anyways. Long hair to me was a burden rather than a joy. I loathed having to wash it as it too ages to dry and left to it's own devises, was frizzy and downright hard to deal with. It had no real style except frizz unless it was blow-dried and straightened into some sort of shape, and even than, it was weather pending as the minute it rained it would de-style.
No I am not a fan of long hair for myself. In fact I had my hair cut shorter just prior to conceiving our first babe and loved it though promptly grew it out due to the combination of pregnancy hormones & vitamins and morning (read: all day) sickness preventing me from wanting to want to sit in a warm and chemical fumed environment which could stir my overly-sensitive gag reflex. The style then was an assymetrical pixie cut with a long side piece which I was a bit out of sorts with, but the hairdresser had got scissor happy and even buzzed the back so I kept the long piece till it grew out than cut that off!

So I walked into the hairdresser yesterday and she booked the appointment for today, saying if I didn't get it done soon I would put it off.
Which brings me to the cut itself. I was full or apprehension but got some pics on my phone to show her in case she was unsure. Of course this my world and whilst I was waiting I could not get any signal and no local wifi connection. I was panicking until she began and I tried to explain whose cut I liked most which was Ginniger Goodwin, of course she did not who I meant but luckily led me to her computer and typed in her name. I felt relief when the images sprang up and she started nodding.
Not the picture but definitely one I would have shown
"Yep, shouldn't be a problem".
So to the sink to wash my long hair for the final time and back to the seat to begin the cut.
I didn't dare look at the floor as she begun shaping the cut, it wasn't that I suddenly had regret, it was more that my hair was shoulder length and I think that amount of hair (I have thin hair but lots of it) would have freaked me out. I listened to conversation between the two hairdressers, the other client and then the other hairdressers daughter when she came in. It was a nice setting as every other salon I have been too has had music beating out and you can hardly hear the conversation between myself and the stylist let alone anyone else.
All too soon it was time to check the mirror before she styled it. Wow, I mean I could see my features, they weren't swamped by a mass of hair, in fact they were less prominent in areas and the ones I wanted to stand out were highlighted. I wore make-up into the salon but I could see I had been over-compensating around the eyes to make them stand out, in fact as soon as I arrived home and took an obligatory picture I took said make-up off.
It was only after I had washed and styled my hair did I start to appreciate how much time it was going to save me, I learned via a 'Youtube' tutorial that I could style it whilst wet and put a beanie on. It took y hair an hour and all I put on it was shampoo and conditioner as it was the weekend.
I love my hair now, so much so that I booked a trim for 5 weeks time (13th Mar) so I can keep it in this style for a while. I may grow the front a bit but nowhere near as long as it was previously. Or add a slice of colour, but till then...