Saturday, 2 June 2012

making life a bit more interesting

So I am materialistic. I have thought if I ever needed to make a quick getaway, I would be torn as to what to grab.
I try to have a sort-out every 2-3 months which coincide with our house inspections. I can be a bit of a hoarder, collecting things like books, magazines, bags and so on, but I try to reign myself in by getting rid where I can.
At the moment with the weather being nice enough (some days) to put washing out, I noticed I was favouring a lot of black and when I looked at my wardrobe as a whole, accessories, I wouldn't have looked out of place at a funeral.
Now I am trying to shift my every day patterns about to accommodate going out each day (hey I admit I have days where i do the minimal housework and hang about in the sitting room with the babes or on the PC). I dress my babes in bright girly colours and than myself in drab black. What I am hoping to achieve is to blend in, what I am doing is probably making myself more noticeable. Black is a draining colour and I don't go out of my way to get a tan. Plus with the summer coming it does get hot attracting the sun rays with the darkest colour in the spectrum. 

So I am starting to change my wardrobe about. As I am losing weight again, I don't want to spend alot so i have been charity shop hunting and bought a spotty cardigan which is main colour off white with pink, lilac and purple polka dots all over and I wear that most days over a top. The bag I purchased the other day as become my arm candy, though not a big fan of short handled bags, it is big enough to accommodate my essentials.

Now I have been wanting to update the babes changing bag. The one we had was a freebie you get through the 'Bounty packs'. This one was the one from when the 1st babe came along. I considered getting or making a messenger style bag but yesterday whilst in my local supermarket I spotted a lovely floral changing bag with red tubing, lining and straps. Now true it is black as a main colour, however the white flowers make it seem brighter and the red details just finish off the effect nicely. It came with a detachable strap to help it hang over the pram handles and a changing mat and clear bag with a zip so I thought I'd store the creams and gels I seem to have accumulated. It may be wise to put some antiseptic wipes and plasters in there too. Hmm.

I keep admiring the bag, as I have said I do love a nice bag and didn't even think about it but now it's here, it matches my umbrella I bought the other day to both appease the babe and to have a functioning brolly in the house. Our one before has been relegated to keeping the sitting room door shut at night when the cat is about as the latch has never 'caught' in the door and so it can be pushed open.

My quest to 'brighten' up my everyday life is getting there and I can feel my spirits being lifted, just wish I could extend it to decorating. I got a fab decor idea for the older babes room which I hope she will love, but I don't want to do it here only to have to do it all over again if we move next year.
So now of course I am left the dilemma of having lots of black items becoming dust collectors and not a charity bag in site. Typical.