Thursday, 31 May 2012


Say what you like about them but I do love a good charity shop. And having daughters who love being read too, they are brilliant for updating the library as I do get bored of the same ones, though I know repetition is good for them.
I do like getting bags and books for myself and bought a pink mock crocodile one for £4 & 'The Witches' for £1.95 which I watched the other day and I realised I hadn't read. Bit a stroke of luck for both really.
Actually I do well with them as I usually have something I would like to have and I can usually get it or something very similar.
I actually try not to buy books new as if I wait a few weeks a copy will appear in my local charity shop. I actually dropped a few books off in one today as I have read or no longer want them in my collection. I do like to have a clear out of books clothes etc every few months and the bags you get through the door usually end up full of them. Just doing my bit, one bag at a time.

Mirena week 5 1/2

Well I've had a rough weekend with my 2 babes but I felt a bit bloated and emotional yesterday and true to form woke up and had some spotting. I have had a few PMT niggles but none that sent me to the paracetamol.
I guess my body is still adjusting to the hormones so I won't know how it's going to be after 6 months.
Hubby has said he can feel something when we're fooling around and it stings so as I have my 6 week check appointment at the end of the week I'll mention it and see if trimming them makes a difference.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mirena week 4

So I realise this is a bit late but here is my update. The backache l had seems to be related to bad sleeping positions.
No other symptoms to name. If anything, I feel alot better about myself, though I am eating alot better at the moment, dropping 10lbs in 2 weeks.
This is exactly what I need, no remembering to take pills at same time every day and weight loss via a healthy diet as mood swings seem to have calmed down. I have the odd outburst but it sends me reaching for the kettle, rather than
the chocs and biscuits.
Am hoping it continues.

The passing of Robin Gibb

I had been keeping up with the news on Mr. Gibb, as not only was he the same age as my father, he was battling a similar cancer and am deeply saddened to wake up to the news he has passed on.
It brings home the reality that my own Dad is in fact as immortal as the next man. If a rich superstar who can avoid the best care cannot beat the big C, what hope do I have for a man on his pension, relying on the NHS. Though he reassures me the hospital treating him specalises in stomach cancers.
Thing is I only got into contact with him at the end of 2010 after his 22yr absence from my and my siblings lives. We met last year and he lived with us for a few months until the council rehoused him. It was soon after this that he was hospitalised with stomach cramps so bad they immobilised him, than came the diagnosis.
It seemed such a cruel twist to our story and I felt like I should've got in contact sooner. I still have these crushing moments of sadness when I think of the lost years. And than mourn the ones that we should still have. Not living in the moment at all but this is so new to me and now it feels more than ever that time is truly running out.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

What sunny days mean to me

When we were younger, I bet a sunny day meant t-shirts, shorts and plenty of fresh air. I lived outdoors during the summer, if we had one, I would have slept in a tent.
These days a sunny day still means getting outside, but mainly so my girls can benefit from thr vitamin D. It always means putting a load or 3 of washing on so I can benefit from having lots of clean dry washing rather than a basket of dirty washing making it look as though I haven't done anything with my days. Feels like I've had a weekend off though as we went to visit family Thursday afternoon and I didn't do much yesterday on account of my back, though I kept up the washing up and cooking, all done in my pyjamas (cringe).
No today I'm going to get out early, get some food shopping in than the day is ours, so we might end up on a mini adventure, so sunshine please stick around.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Mirena Coil Wk 3

ISo am suffering from a backache and hip pain. I normally associate both with pms if it comes on unexpectedly but as I had an hrs snooze on the uncomfy sofa yesterday morning, am hoping it's that.
I'm controlling pain with paracetamol as I'm nursing the lo so can't/don't wanna take anything stronger.
Other than the back pain not really experiencing anything else. My moodiness is much more level, my appetite is better; though to be fair I am trying to eat better anyway, but I'm not diving into the fridge every hour looking for a chocolate fix, or filling up on biscuits. No spotting since the initial fitting which is a plus as I was worried there would be.
Hopefully the backache will pass soon, though I do have my 6 wk check at the end of the month. If it's still bothering us, I'll talk about see if it is related to the coil. I really hope it isn't.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mr Rant

Grr men. I love my hubby to the moon and back, sometimes he can make me wanna throw that length. Yesterday he told me he would need a bill with his name on it.
See the word told not asked. So dutifully I just hunted out a bill to fit the purpose and informed him of so. Do I get a thanks or even a grunt of graditude, nah just a verbal gesture of 'well done' (yeah he couldn't be assed to say that, though that would've come across as sarcastic).
I dunno sometimes he is so old for his age with his views and tastes. Oh well least he hasn't chained me to the kitchen sink...yet.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Whitening toothpaste

I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to beauty/health products and I recently bought some whitening toothpaste and I'm fairly disappointed with the results. I wasn't expecting a hollywood smile but something different to my usual choice would've been nice. I drink coffee everyday, one cup, non-smoker but I have off white teeth nonetheless.
I brush twice a day after breakfast (after my coffee) and before bed. The toothpaste claims to give results after 14 days but today is the 14th and I can't see much difference. Alas I'll persevere with it but unless I see some whitening I'll be going back to my usual tube.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The perils of private rent

So we made the rookie mistake of having a baby before we'd planted our own roots, so now we're at the mercy of a private landlord who wants to sell the property eventually.
Today was the 3 monthly check we endure as per our contract, though to be honest, I wish they would change it to 6 monthly.
I get so upright when I know they are coming up and still find myself cleaning with minutes to spare. I.have a clean house, but tidy, not always and these checks although to make sure you haven't painted the walls black I'm sure, feel like a judgement on my part. Like someone is judging my cleaning.
I'm sure that's not the case, ok well hopefully anyway. Not that it's that bad. But I know something will be mentioned, always is. It's a shame as we would love to have the chance to make some changes but we don't have the money to decorate a house that could be sold from under us.
Hopefully things will improve, who knows we might have a lottery win, but than pigs might fly.
No we're kind of stuck here till this time next year, maybe we'll get the money for another rental, one where we can make some changes within reason of course.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weight loss tools

By a happy accident, I added an app on my phone where you can record your calorie intake and exercise for each day. I say happy accident, as it was I came across the app whilst looking for a calorie counter. I woke up this morning with an overwhelming want to write down what I eat as I know it had fine awry lately and although writing it down maybe a deterrent in itself, I was curious to know how many calories I consume. I've watched a TV program over the years where they pit an unhealthy underweight diet against an unhealthy overweight diet and I've always wondered what my diet breaks down too.
So I begin. I put in the previous days food so I could get an approximate look at a typical days consumption rather than the half scared approach of not eating that many squares of chocolate as I have to record it. I mean I shouldn't be surprised, you don't get to my size eating healthily but it was still astounding.
I'm disgusted that I eat the way I do especially when I have 2 young girls to run around after, 1 of whom is old enough to pick up on habits good or bad. I always felt my weight and eating habits were my problem. Not anymore, and I've started to worry I'll get health issues that they'll have to help me with. That's not the life I want for them our me.
So today I haven't been perfect but knowing I would be trying to be as precise as possible with recording has pushed me to question how much I wanted that snack.
It's a work in progress though as I'll need to do some food swapping and get some more low cal snacks in and stop buying chocolate biscuits and milk chocolate for that matter.
One other event breathing down my neck is taking my oldest to pre-school this coming September and the overwhelming feeling that I don't want to be the fat mum at the gates. Of course it's only 4 months away so I need to get my act together to make some sizeable dent in the scales. I probably won't be near target, however if I stick to it, I'll least be able to hold my head high knowing I'm doing something about it.
I don't want my high bmi to be an issue in conversation or any future pregnancies. I'll never be or want to be anything but curvy but smaller clothes are top of my list.
Thing is family and friends have heard this all before so I keep getting those knowing looks but I'm ready to make some changes.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mirena Coil wk 2

I am trying to be honest about my experience with this form of contraception as I have seen some negative experiences dominating the internet.
So this week I haven't had the added hormones from the mini pill and I feel all the better for it.
I had noticed my moodiness, more prominent in the mornings than other time. I could've blamed the fact on being a mother of a new baby but she is an excellent sleeper, settling for around 8:30pm each night and waking around 6am. No I definitely felt something else was to blame and since I took the pill every night, it made sense that it could be to blame. In the last week I have felt more with it in the am, going without my usual nap having fed the baby.
That's not to say I haven't been tired but it's not so bad. I've been able to do more in the evening too whereas before I'd just plonk myself in front of the telly now I want to do other things.
I'm really hoping this is the turnaround I have been needing as I like productive me.
I haven't noticed any negative side effects yet. I have had lower back niggles like I'd get with pms and maybe boobs have been a bit achey but nothing I can't live with.
Mr hasn't noticed anything since either during martial relations (tee hee) so that is reassuring.
I really hope this lasts for the 5 years as stipulated by the manufacturers. I really don't want to take any more pills and hope to live out this age gap between babies as I really think next one will be last as selfish as it sounds I don't know if I can repeat pregnancy and birth too many times, especially since it'll probably be another C-section which though had no complications during was a pain to recover from with 2 babes let alone 3. I would love to have 4 though. We'll see.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Phone apps

Mr has treated himself to an iPhone so I have inherited his 'old' phone which isn't actually isn't that old really. So now I'm discovering the joy of 'apps'.
Like the 'Harry Potter' books, I been a bit behind the times with getting into them. My old phone could get apps but they were very basic.
Think I'll be lost in technology for a few days, especially since all the things I would normally use the PC for, I have as an app. Oh well, will save tears from the baby as can do things whilst breast feeding.
Welcome to the 21st century.