Friday, 18 November 2011

Long time, no seek

So am 35+4 weeks pregnant today and I have been 'nesting' like crazy! I been waiting for those darn charidee bags to come in so I can fill them but as soon as I want them, they don't arrive! Well I got a leaflet over the weekend and I decided to go for it. Had a load of DD1 clothes to sort through and got a load of clothes that she either never wore or never fitted or suited her. It seems daft to be getting rid of girls clothes when I am having another girl but I'm pretty sure we can spare a few items, especially when MIL can be quite generous at birthdays and Christmas, well actually at any time of year with clothes.
DD1 also has a phobia of toys that talk suddenly and make noises, so I got rid of a load of those too. Makes no sense to hold unto them, got loads of toys still and besides, no doubt DD2 will be brought some!
Problem with having a second baby of the same sex for us is that we are finding it hard on what to get rid of and what to keep. They are being born into different seasons too so what DD1 born in August wore at 3-6 months when it was cold, may be too warm for DD2 due in Mid-December. I've got a tonne of babygros that we have kept and vests etc. But I can't help feeling this one might be 'girlier' then her sibling. I had an overwhelming feeling DD1 was going to be a tomboy and she is. From the get-go, she hated dresses and girly (read:frilly, flowery etc) clothes. Always more comfortable in either babygros or jeans and a all-in-vest!
It sounds daft and I am shaking my head at the idea but I get the same gut-instinct with this one, though that she will be girly. We shall see, I seen many friends babies react the same to certain clothes, they know what they feel comfortable in and it doesn't make sense to have a grumpy baby all for the sake of a 'cute' outfit. Time will tell what madam likes to wear. Just can't wait to give her a cuddle!