Sunday, 13 June 2010

Motherhood may not be for everyone

Motherhood may not be for everyone and once upon a time it wasn't for me. Being 12 years old with 6 siblings younger then myself, including a set of twins, I declared I would never have children. Don't get me wrong I loved babies, but handing them back when they smelt, cried or were sleepy was the greatest gift for me.
It was only when my husband suggested having kids (he has always wanted a family) that I decided to try for one. I however was under the impression that I could not get pregnant or even take a pregnancy to term (I don't know where that theory came from or why it developed) but suddenly I found myself 5 weeks pregnant facing the biggest challenge I have taken on.
10 months down the line (not including the 9 months of pregnancy) I wouldn't change a thing about the now but I may have changed some details about the past, for instance; driving.
If I could give everyone a piece of advice prior to conception, get those 'little' things out of the way, like driving, to save heartache and the rush of learning before or after the birth!

Monday, 22 March 2010


I probably should be in bed, but yet again I find myself staring into Cyberspace, spending money I don't have on posessions I don't need but do want!

The point of this blog is to air my moans and groans on typical life, so keep 'em peeled.

For now, ruthless signs off. x♥x♥x