Tuesday, 10 March 2015

eviction notice

So here it is:

We are in receipt of the section 21, needed to evict us from the house we have been renting for the past 4 1/2 years.
I am not upset in the slightest, the past 4 years have been fraught with frustration and sadness thanks to the overzealous management of our tenancy agency and the lack of empathy from the landlord who has wanted to be rid of the property whether we are part of the package or not.
As it is they succeeded in selling this house to someone who we know (!) and wants a vacant possession of the house, so hence the need for a section 21.

Do not feel sorry for us, this is something we have wanted for the past 4 years. It's our children I feel most for. Our youngest J was conceived when we thought we would be here for as long as we wanted, as it was I was just under 5 weeks pregnant when we got the first whiff that they would try to sell this house with or without us. K has only really known this house and feels an emotional attachment to it being her first home. So I want to make this move as swiftly as possible.

Therein lies the problem.
We have had to turn to the council, as though we have been expecting this, we haven't been able to make provisions to ensure we could put a deposit on a new home if this occurred. Maybe part of us didn't want to as we have had nothing but bother from renting privately, being that we have had to rely on others to repair and maintain our homes, rather than being able to do ourselves. We waited for 2 months for our oven to be fixed and 3 years to have the hinges fixed on the same oven as it didn't stay shut and bounced back so heat escaped whilst cooking. Not mind settling whilst cooking for 2 little ones, let alone us adults. And so we are now at the mercy of waiting for a letter to inform us of our priority and be able to bid on properties available.

Tomorrow we are 28 days from being made homeless and classed as 'threatened with homelessness' according to Shelter and so we will be heading into our local council office to check where our application is, as we were also told it takes up to 4 weeks to process applications and though a day early, we put our application in on the 12th February which was 4 weeks ago (Thursday). That said, Shelter also says most councils process applications in 33 working days. If that's our councils policy, that takes us to 31st March. Since we have till 7th April, that is cutting it VERY fine.
I'm hoping they don't bat us off again with another week, I may have to just haunt them, J is at nursery in the afternoons so I have a few hours to spare. I just want to know that yep they will rehouse us, but we will have to wait till...and then I can relax.

I have packed 1 1/2 boxes as I don't know where to start. I mean we're going, it's just we don't know where.

I guess tomorrow may, or may not have some answers.

Signing off for now

Ruth x

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Blogtober // Post your favourite recipe

So following the Slimming World plan, I have been making a lot of meals from scratch. One of my favourite for taste is the Diet Cola Chicken. OMG it was amazing. I tweaked the recipe and added chinese five spice from Schwartz. I had tagliatelle with mine but obviously it has a curry like consistency which you could have a jacket potatoe, rice, pasta, chips, wedges, the list goes on. I've linked the recipe from the Slimming World site above. Even if you don't follow the plan, try this recipe. It's lush.

When following the recipe, use a large frying pan or wok and don't freak out about the amount of the liquid, I did but once it's on high, it boils down to the lovely sticky sauce, and it was delicious. I only had green peppers in so I'm keen to try again with red and yellow peppers and maybe leave out the spices so I can taste it as it is written.

I will update you when I've made this again with added peppers and without the spices.

I'm loving this plan at the moment. I hope the momemtum keeps me going.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blogtober // Instagram Roundup

Not sure what I want to put on here.
I mostly use Instagram to view other pics for inspiration for crafts and meal ideas. I love interior design as well, not that I am allowed to express my ideas due to landlord imposed restrictions. I am so ready to move!

Anyway so at the moment my pictures have consisted of Slimming World meals I have created or recent buys of make-up etc. Another thing I like to do - watch reviews of make-up or readup on them so I know I'm spending my money wisely on a product that I am going to get the use out of.

So here are some screenshots of my recent pictures I have posted over the past 2 months:

My username is @ruths_joy so if you're not following me, why not give us a follow.
The people I usually follow are fellow crafters - knitters, crocheters and furniture painters. I love painting furniture, turning into something else, especially if like my coffee table, they are pretty battered and in need of some TLC.

I have a few real-life friends on there, but they don't post similar or as frequent as I do and always comment on my pictures and that they didn't know I craft etc. I don't try boast about it, I more post it on Instagram to remind myself to craft more.
I follow a few make-up artists or fellow cosmetic lovers, like I said I like to spend money on quality products that I know I am going to use and love.

I mainly use my Samsung S4 phone as the camera of choice. I would love a pro camera. Hubby has a Sony Xpedia Z2 and the camera on that is Ah. Ma. Zing! So crisp and I love the features, so I would love to get that type of camera but as a standalone. I love taking pictures, I'm just not very good at printing them off! And my phone needs clearing of pictures as I have 8gb of memory and half of that is pictures and videos which I should move to the pc and free up the space on my phone.

So that is my Instagram round up.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Slimming World week 2 weigh-in update

So weigh-in was last night and I lost 1lb. I was expecting to stay the same it was a surprise, a bittersweet surprise. Bittersweet because I found out I could've done the Success Express program and helped my weightloss further.
So with it today being my birthday I decided that I would just eat what I wanted then tomorrow - the 2nd, I will do the Success Express for the rest of the week. I think I understand the principles of it. I need to print off the diary sheet for it so I can keep track of it. I'm hoping to lose another 3lb - optimistic but I really want my 1/2 stone award!

Thanks for reading,

Blogtober 2014 // Introduction

I'm still here, sorry for the silence. I find it difficult to get time to unto the computer to blog and had decided to use my tablet, alas the keyboard onscreen does my head in and I much prefer to type away on a keyboard so, my birthday is tomorrow!!! And hubby has ordered me a keyboard to help, but fingers crossed I'll be getting a laptop for Christmas which will help blogging furthermore. I'm excited for that, I may be patient enough to wait for the January sales so we can get a good deal. Any laptop recommendations, let me in the comments?

Anyway, I am an avid Instagram fan. I try post one picture everyday but I'm more into browsing, liking and commenting on my online friends pictures. Yesterday as I was browsing through, one of the people I follow and who also has a blog Natty Nikki (check out http://www.nattynikki.com) has come up with a list of blog themes in order to blog everyday for October.
Here's the list in it's original form:

original source and creator http://www.nattynikki.com/2014/09/blogtober-2014.html
I'm excited for this, I feel like this is going to get me into planning my blog more, I'm already thinking about November and doing Blogmas! I have a lot of note books, it's time I put them to use and plan things, I feel better when I plan and know more or less what is happening.

So expect more blogs, going to set up a schedule so I don't need to remember to post them, cos I'm cool like that. Haha. I will probably try post every day to cover the themes but I'll plan more for November regarding everyday life. I've recently rejoined Slimming World and will do food posts and weigh-in posts (weighing in tonight) if that's what you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments.

Look forward to talking soon,

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Slimming World week 2 weigh-in

So i rejoined Slimming World 3 Tuesdays ago after a 4 1/2 year hiatus.
I originally joined in June 2010, 3 months after my wedding (I didn't want to lose weight) and when K was 10 months old. What pushed me to go then and again now was health, in fact I have my old book and I was lighter than I was when I started, OK only by 3lb but I was heading in the wrong direction.
In five months, I lost nearly 3 stone or 41lbs. I had 2 weeks when I stayed the same and 4 where I put on, those 4 happening in the weeks leading to my exit out of the meetings and trying to do it at home.
I did lose 2 1/2 stone last year with the help of the My Fitness Pal app but I guess I again went off track.

So what's different this time?

Well I am turning 30 and this is significant for me. I have spent my entire adult life being overweight and I'm starting to notice my knees and ankle aching more and more. I need to be more active, eat healthier - I am a throw it in the oven kind of cook for quickness but I do prefer made from scratch meals as they do taste better and fill you up longer. That's what I love about Slimming World, they encourage you to make meals, snacks etc from scratch using leaner meats, vegetables and less or no sugar/sweeteners. I'm trying to steer clear of adding sweetener but I am having Muller yogurts and drink sugar free squash daily so not avoiding it 100%.

Interim goal

So I have decided to set an interim goal at losing 4 st 3lbs which will take me to exactly 16st. I was around this weight wehen I met my husband and I have a suitcase full of clothes that fit me at this weight. I'm more doing this for the clothes size rather than the weight and at this weight I am around a UK size 20. I like this size, it will mean I can buy tops in 22/24 that will be baggier as I do like the baggier look. Being a size 24/26 in clothes means you have to buy massive clothes which I cannot find usually and if I do they can be quite expensive and not always stylish, again I am just about to turn 30 and still want to look stylish as a mum of two.

Which plan?

Extra Easy. No question. I did follow another weight loss group plan ten years ago and I felt like I was starving as EVERYTHING had a value and you got so many values to have a day and had to spend them wisely. It was horrible, I weighed 16 1/2 st then and lost 3st and looked amazing but for personal reasons, I had to leave and to be honest as soon as I left I went back to my old eating habits and put the weight back on. Over time and babies, I have put on the additional weight and there it is where I am now. I find Extra Easy exactly that, easy to stick too, I don't mind seeking out free or low syn foods so but I am looking forward to trying out some more recipes and finding more free or low syn snacks to help me fill up.

First week weigh-in

So I lost 3lbs during my first weigh-in and, to be honest I was disappointed, obviously a loss is always good, but I'm used to losing 5lbs in the first week and 3lbs is an average weekly weightloss. So we'll see what happens at the weigh-in tonight. I did eat a lot of pasta the day before [side note - does anyone else crave carbs whilst ovulating?], so maybe that affected it, and water weight from ovulating. I'm making excuses.

What do I expect from 2nd week weigh-in

I am terrified for this week. We had pizza last Tuesday and as I felt a bit fluie, I decided to have 1/2 garlic bread and 1/2 12" inch pizza that night, as well as the other half Wednesday. I didn't eat much that day but hardly anything Thursday, Friday then appetite returned Saturday and have eaten on plan the rest of the week. I have had medicines but haven't had synned them but to be honest, yesterday was the first day I used all 15 syns since Wednesday. I am typing this up now at midday so I can update you with my reaction to the weigh-in later.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

From Fat to curvy...

OK so this post might spike some conflicting opinions but it's been bothering me lately, I want to lose weight, but I want to lose weight so that I am comfortably a UK size 14-16. Technically speaking, that takes me from the obese range of the (dreaded) BMI chart to just being overweight but truth be told, I am not physically comfortable being this weight. For those wondering, I am around a size 22-24.

This was taken in May 2013. I want to state I am happy with being on the plus size, I just don't feel healthy anymore.
I have spoken about losing weight before but I wasn't as committed and so I would like to make this a fresh start.

Currently I keep gaining and losing the same 10lbs due to hormonal fluctuations in the month but I feel heavier lately as I not taking the usual 2 30min walks to and from oldest school as it's the summer holidays and to be honest I haven't been the most active lately.
That said I am not bothered about overall weight. I want to be lighter for my joints and being able to do things where weight might be an issue but being under 10 stone does not bother or interest me.

My size does bother me in that I cannot do the things smaller Mums may find easier - taking the girls to the park, I cannot sit on the swings, go down the slide or sit on the see-saw without chains digging into me; feeling like the slide might be too small or buckle under my girth; or the see-saw going so far down, little ones are scared or shouting that your too fat, which when you are, is excruciatingly embarrassing when you are and there are other parents around, especially when they are smaller.
Then there is any funfairs. They feel me with dread. What if one of my little ones decided they want to go on a ride where we'd have to join them and couldn't fit on or the safety bar didn't go down properly. I'd be mortified.
We visited Kirkley Hall, here in the North East, recently and there was a zip wire and my hubby and I, both being obese stated we'd love to that, alas the weight held us back from doing so.
I'd like to take cycling up again now our oldest is riding unaided and confidentially, I am currently too heavy for a bike frame! Makes me think of job experience where you need experience to get a job, but can't get experience because you can't get a job.

I don't want to make excuses, I eat big portions and far too much sugary snacks and not enough fruit or water. I drink coffee and sugar-free squash but the squash is usually with a meal, the coffee whenever I need an energy boost, which lately seems constantly. I don't exercise, however I do walk most places. I could do more exercise, I used to cycle everywhere in my younger days and though I was 12st at 12, I was a curvy size 12, something I never appreciated back then. Man I could have some harsh words with tween me!

I keep starting and stumbling and ultimately failing at these 'diets' and I am so over that. I need to do this, I am 30 in two months, I am worried that I have been obese for the majority of my adult life and I am worried that, though I don't have any concerning health issues, they may well rear their ugly heads soon and I'll miss out on the best years of my and my childrens lives. I worry that I'll end up relying on them to help me as I get too big to leave the house. I also have anxiety issues, which I attribute to my weight. I feel better when I have the pushchair or my oldest with me so I can 'hide' behind them, without them I feel like all eyes are on  me and people are judging me as I judge myself.

I am not fat, I have fat - I see this on a lot of plus-size profiles and it is true. I am not fat, I lose this weight, I'm still going to be me, just more able to do the things I want, rather than getting knackered out and letting the weight get in my way.

I know for every me, there are alot of plus size girls, making it as models and they look amazing and have such confidence it glows. It's just for me. I do love my body though, it's mine, I have borne two beautiful babies, it has served me well for the past (almost) 30 years. I just think it's about time I started respecting it may not always be the case and I need to start making changes now to ensure it will carry through the next 30 years without too much bother. I want to create a positive body image for my girls and show them that they can carry a few extra pounds and still be healthy. This for me is not healthy.

Thanks for reading lovelies,
Talk soon,